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An Interview with Sass Cadeaux: C.O.T.S. Coalition of the Supernatural

Available for purchase below.
Available for purchase below.
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Sass Cadeaux's new book C.O.T.S. Coalition of the Supernatural was released on January 5th, 2014. Here's our interview with the author. Enjoy!

What inspired you to write your first book?

I am the youngest of a very large family. Back then, we had to wait our turn for TV time. My brothers loved hockey. It seemed as if hockey was the only show they watched. One day, a bookmobile showed up in our neighborhood. I thought it was a magical place. Whenever I finished my books and had to wait until the next bookmobile visit, I wrote my own stories. Writing was my solace. There were times when I made my siblings the main characters, and other times, they were the villains. It all depended on what happened that week. My twin were often barbarians named Hal and Gallagher.

What started your interest in writing fantasy novels?

This may sound clich©, but we were poor and reality was a harsh fact. Growing up, we ate meals such as tongue, creamed peas on toast, and mashed potato sandwiches. We were the only house on the street with so many children, so, when separated, bullies targeted us. Be it our clothes, hairstyle, or the "Frankenstein" bike my brothers built for me, they found reasons to pick on us.

I decided to write fantasy during this part of my life and made family members supernatural, each with some aspect that humans frowned upon. But, in my optimism, all supernaturals were eventually accepted.

Writing made life a little easier. Those who picked on us—I used them as inspiration for my darker characters. To this day, every character I write has an element based off someone I met.

How do you come up with ideas for your books?

My family and friends inspired the Coalition of the Supernatural (C.O.T.S. - book 1). It is the first book where readers meet my barbarian brothers, good friends, and my two sons.

The Secrets of Albion Falls. A reader invited me to a real Powwow on a reserve not far from my home. While there, an elder shared fascinating stories, included life experiences and century-old tales. One story in particular stood out. The story was about skin-walkers, which I learned were different from shifters. It took little to no time for my story to develop, however, before sharing the story with readers; I met with that elder for their approval. Granted, I write fiction, but I wanted to be sure to depict their legend with respect, while introducing readers to a balance of fantasy and myth with a touch of reality.

What books have most influenced your life most?

I love any book written by Dean Koontz. His work is amazing and I love the diversity of his writing.

What are your current projects?

What’s Hidden Within – Book 2 in The Secret Series. This story is in the final stages before sending to edit.

Imperceptible. Written during NaNoWriteMo 2013, this story features Chanterelle Thrice, a powerful witch, who loved her coven and declared her loyalty to all members. On her sixteenth birthday, her aunt delivers news of a deadly outbreak. The aunt requests Chanterelle to assist her in the investigation, she refuses but her mother forces her to relocate and help. She soon learns the truth about her mission and those she trusted, and must make quick decisions without consulting her coven. Those decisions could save or endanger the lives of many.

What was the hardest part of writing?

For me, it is separating the writer from the reader. As a writer, I know there are elements needed to ensure the adventure provides readers with an escape from reality. As a reader, I want to dive in headfirst! Many times, I have to remind myself to slowdown.

Do you have any advice for other writers?

Yes. I often tell aspiring writers that plot holes are like potholes—they ruin the ride. The best way to find plot holes is to take a break. When you taking those breaks, I recommend joining writing groups, and reading books from all genres. Sometimes I take breaks from my writing projects by beta reading. I am currently reading, the Last Human War by Author Dean Sault. This is the first Sci-Fi I have read, and I must admit, I foolishly avoided a great genre before now.

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 Last updated on September 5, 2014

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anonymous 7 months ago

This was great to read. Fascinating. Thanks for sharing

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writerkath 7 months ago Level 3 Commenter

That's cool that you were able to get an interview with the author. Nice!

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Old Navy Guy 7 months ago Level 3 Commenter

Nice interview

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trevorjb1406 7 months ago Level 3 Commenter

Nice interview and site.

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GrammieOlivia 7 months ago from Toronto Level 7 Commenter

Great interview and I even get a sneak peak at her writing, great!

tonyleather 7 months ago

Sounds like an interesting read! Thanks!

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